Six Hours to Summer

It’s not often one can experience 70+ degree temps so close to home in mid-December, but that’s exactly what’s forecasted for the Omaha area next week.  With that said, I’m thinking of loading up the Adventure Van at O-Dark-30 on Tuesday morning and setting sail for the Wabash Trace Trail, which takes riders all the way to the Missouri state line.  Anyone who wants to join me should be prepared to cover the 50 mile ride from Omaha to the Super 8 in Shenandoah where we’ll be shacking up for the night.  More ambitious riders can join me for the remaining 15 miles to the Missouri State Line before returning to Shenandoah where we’ll enjoy a fun night out before resting up for the tropical 72 degree ride back to Omaha on Wednesday.  I’m even thinking of throwing a couple inflatable kayaks in the van to drop in Lake Manawa for anyone interested in trying their hand at a little late season kayaking before returning to MN.  Ultimately, the plan will be to be back to town before midnight Wednesday Night.  I realize this is last second and won’t be possible for most riders, but I couldn’t let this weather anomaly pass us by without seeing if there were at least a few people who could be spontaneous.  Between gas and hotel, I’ll only be looking for 60 bucks from each person or 90 if you want your own room.  Below is a link to the trail.  Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have.  I can accommodate as many as 6 passengers.