The Dream

On May 14th, local Triathlete and Adventure Cyclist Dave Jensen will embark upon the most difficult ride of his life – 2,500 miles across the Continental United States. As if that’s not enough, he will attempt to do it in only 15 days. Fueled by his love for cycling and desire to raise thousands of dollars for the Fergus Area College Foundation, Jensen is in pursuit of local and regional supporters who will help him in his quest to complete his journey and establish the “Dream Big Scholarship”. This scholarship will be awarded to future students of M State Fergus Falls who dream big but lack the financial means to reach those dreams.
In preparation for this epic journey, Jensen will be hosting several support rallies where he plans to acknowledge and thank his generous contributors. These rallies will be hosted in the Legacy Hall at M State Fergus Falls. Everyone is invited to join Dave’s adventure by following him on this blog.
All contributions are tax-deductable and can be made online to the Fergus Area College Foundation. Contributors will just need to specify “Dream Big Tour” when making their online gift.

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