About Dave

Dave “the crazy bike guy” Jensen is an enthusiastic supporter of cycling in all its forms. While he got his start as collegiate runner, Dave turned his attention to cycling when he discovered triathlon in 2005. Numerous wins on the road gave him the confidence he needed to try his luck off-road in 2007. After qualifying for the Xterra National Championship Race that year, Dave spent the following year living, working and cycling in San Diego, California. Deeply immersed in the fitness-crazed subculture of southern California, he continued to cultivate his love for cycling and group fitness. Upon returning to Minnesota the following year, Dave broadened his cycling base even further competing in the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series where he was named the top sport-class rider in 2011. After a disappointing 2012 season plagued by flat tires and mechanical failures, Dave found solace in the safe and predictable nature of indoor cycling. He received his spin training certification through Mad Dogg Athletics that same year, and he currently teaches group spin classes through Phatty Natties in Fergus Falls. Dave prides himself in his ability to help aspiring cyclists and individuals of all levels reach their fitness goals. Dave reached his own fitness goal in 2013, when we managed to cycle across America in 19 days to establish the Dream Big Scholarship, which benefits students of M State Fergus Falls. Dave went on to create a video documentary of his journey, which can be viewed on his blog, dreambigtour.net. In recent years, Dave’s approach to cycling has shifted from competition to culture building. As a longtime commuter, he quickly caught the eye of the newly formed Pedal Fergus Falls who encouraged him to become a Licensed Cycling Instructor. With Dave’s help, Pedal FF has managed to establish an unprecedented 21 bike friendly businesses and organizations within Fergus Falls – a community of 13,000. Beyond assisting with bike friendly initiatives, Dave has helped bring numerous recreational opportunities to the community such as the Pebble Lake Youth Triathlon, Ferber Park Mountain Bike Festival, and Lake Alice 100