SuperVanAdventures is an adventure travel company unlike any other. It’s basically my creative ploy to make adventurous travel more affordable for me and everyone else. I’m currently looking for adventurous people to join me in my travels to some of the most beautiful and rugged places in America. Using my vast knowledge of the country, I’m designing trips that will challenge people in every way. As an aspiring adventure filmmaker, I’m not content just capturing breathtaking sights anymore. I want to capture adventurous humans experiencing those sights ! That’s why I’ll be offering these trips at very little cost – or in some cases FREE. Filming fellow travelers will give me the experience I need to hopefully launch a career in adventure filmmaking someday. The only requirement I have of my fellow travelers is that they’re adventurous and physically fit. If this describes you, I’d encourage you to click HERE to visit SuperVanAdventures.

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