Lake Alice 100

Lake Alice 100 Logo.jpg

On April 20th, a group of cyclists will converge upon Lake Alice in an effort to make Fergus Falls history with something that’s been referred to as “the world’s most compact century ride”. One hundred miles in 87 laps. It’s a big ride for a bigger cause. And we’re about to take it to a whole new level.

In an effort to encourage participants to Dream Big, Affinity Plus is pledging $1.00 PER LAP toward the Dream Big Scholarship in honor of anyone who completes all 87 laps that day. Does 100 miles sound like a long CAR ride to you, but you still want to participate? Affinity Plus will donate twenty-five cents per lap for anyone who completes between one and 86 laps. And we’ll DOUBLE those figures for any participant who is a member of Affinity Plus.

Affinity Plus will also be providing food and drinks for participants during and after the ride, and all ability levels are welcome. There’s no cost and no entry required, but the more people who show up and ride, the more money we’ll raise for the Dream Big Scholarship!

When: 9AM Saturday, April 20th
Where: Lake Alice, Fergus Falls
Why: Why Not?

Below is footage from the first attempt of the Lake Alice 100, which took place on January 10th, 2013. Unfortunately, this attempt was cut short by freezing rain.

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